Information on COVID-19 in English

This page provides you with information on the coronavirus, its effect on local libraries and tips on what our digital library has to offer.

Our libraries are following the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s recommendations: Stay home if you are at all ill. Practise good hand hygiene and keep your distance from other people.

Reliable information & news

There is a lot of information circulating about the coronavirus. Not all of it is correct. You can find reliable information published by government agencies in different languages here:

You can listen to news stories broadcast by Radio Sweden about the coronavirus in different languages here:

Think carefully before you spread any information about the coronavirus. Here are five tips for responsible citizens from

  • Use good judgement when using social media
  • Consider whether or not any information you receive is from a reliable source
  • Don’t spread rumours
  • Don’t share photos of coronavirus patients
  • Remember that it may take time for important information to be published.

How the coronavirus is affecting our libraries

The coronavirus is affecting everything and everyone in our community, including our libraries. As a result, the situation at our libraries must change for the time being. Community libraries have implemented various local health measures that may be revised at short notice. In general, the following applies to all libraries:

  • Libraries should not be used as a meeting place for the time being.
  • Visit a library only if you feel completely healthy.
  • Keep your distance from other library users and library staff.
  • Carry out your business at the library as quickly as possible.
  • Whenever possible, use the library’s digital services from home.

Here you will find information about what rules apply locally at the various libraries in Värmland. (Information available in Swedish, only.)

Your library’s digital services

If you have a library card, you can use your library’s digital services from home.

Mina sidor (My Pages) on the website
You can renew book loans, borrow e-books and audio books, check return dates, make reservations and more by signing in to Mina sidor (My Pages) on our website. To do so, you will need a library card with a pin code. You will find the Logga in (Sign in) button in the top right-hand corner of the website. All the information provided is in Swedish. If you prefer, you can use the Google Translate function to translate the site into English.

Read digital newspapers & magazines
PressReader gives you access to newspapers and magazines published in many different languages.

How to use PressReader at home:

  1. Sign in at the top right-hand corner of the website using your Personal Identification Number (personnummer), or library card number, and pin code.
  2. Visit the PressReader page on this web site.
  3. Click the link "Använd PressReader/Use PressReader", which you will find at the bottom of the page. (This link is only visible when you are signed in.)

PressReader is also available as an app. To use the app at home, you first need to connect to the library’s Wi-Fi network. How to use the app:

  1. Download the free PressReader app from App Store or Google Play.
  2. Connect to the library’s wireless network. In other words, you must be at the library to activate the app.
  3. Open the PressReader app. It will recognise that you are connected to the library’s network. You can now download and read newspapers/magazines and articles in the app for a period of two months, even when you are at home.

Read and listen to digital books (mainly in Swedish)
You can borrow e-books and digital audio books for adults and children free of charge via the Biblio app. Most of these books are in Swedish. How to get started:

  1. Download the Biblio app from App Store or Google Play.
  2. Open the app and select Bibliotek Värmland. Enter your Personal Identification Number (personnummer) or library card number, and pin code.
  3. Choose a book from among the different categories, or search for a particular title. Click the Borrow button ("Låna") to activate your loan. You can borrow up to two books a week. The loan period is 28 days. 

Have books delivered to your door
We offer the Boken kommer service for residents who cannot come to the library due to illness, advanced age, or functional impairments. This service allows you to have books delivered to your home. Some municipalities have chosen to expand their Boken kommer service during the coronavirus epidemic. Please contact your library to learn more about this service where you live.